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Liberty must be preserved at all costs

May 2, 2013
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

I often see in my mind's eye a picture of lady justice with her blindfold around her neck, scale broken beyond repair, dress ripped, being chased out of the white house by Eric Holder, and Barack Obama.

This week a new picture came into my head, one of lady liberty with a suicide vest locked on with the torch replaced by a dead-man switch she dare not let go of. Are the terrorists winning?

I watched as the people of Boston cheered law enforcement as they concluded a week-long search for the surviving marathon bomber. Great job they said, after a week of lock-down. OH! You say that the millions we spend on DHS and DOJ programs didn't work because the FBI, CIA and DHS couldn't tell that a potential terrorist (pointed out by Russia) was in the Boston area. How many more are there?

So, it appears that the people of Boston didn't realize that this bit of Police State power that cost them and us millions was what they were cheering. Have the terrorists already won? Have we given up our liberty for safety and now have neither? I applaud the observant man finally released from his imprisonment by the terrorist. He, not the police, was the ultimate person responsible for the arrest of the dirt-bag. He gets no credit?

So what has this got to do with your liberty? How would you fare against a State Army controlled by an overreaching government. I think if the American people keep going down this road we are all lost. It is not about your liberty and safety. It is about control of every aspect of your life.

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I realize this is not a mainstream point of view. A local the other day said to me that he was going to just ignore it all and live his life as he felt he couldn't make a difference. The consequences of our actions will last for generations. Are you part of the problem?

OK! Sheeple, get involved on one side or the other! Ask questions and demand answers!





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