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Voters deserve the blame

October 30, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

This Presidential election we face a decision of a magnitude unprecedented in recent years: What will be the consequences of our decision Nov. 6?

Four years ago, we sat at a table, put a figurative gun to our heads, and lost as the economy took a bullet to the head. We should think again before playing the same game with a Democratic vote.

Which foreign leader supports Obama? Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) - now, that's who I'd want in my foreign policy corner: an oppressive terrorist dictator leader. Many donations in particular to Obama's campaign are actually traceable to foreign groups/governments hostile to America - mean anything? Romney's no great leader, but think of the alternative, of where we must go, and of where we've been.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." (attributed to Voltaire). You have the freedom to vote as you choose; however, this is not the politicians' election to lose, but America's. Having said that, I thank those of you who'll vote to raise my taxes, insurance, allow my country to be belittled internationally, to lower our nation's credit rating, standard of living, increase our retail prices, oil and oil dependency.

At the Democratic Convention, mention of god and Israel was initially dropped from the platform. God's been present in our nation since the founding (and possibly before?); now no longer a Noble Presence? Our most important Middle Eastern ally thrown under the bus of insignificance, while facing possibly their greatest crisis and turmoil since the Holocaust? I'm sure they will thank the Democratic voters for that. As will Iran (what nukes?), Syria (what genocide?), Sudan and Mali (nope, no genocide there, either), North Korea (stalling's fun, let's play it some more), China (what trade deficit, what cyber-spying?). When the Democrats tried to belatedly reinsert God and Israel back in the platform, it took the moderator three tries to agree on a voice-vote before becoming convinced he wouldn't get his way.

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Everyone jumped on the bandwagon with Obama once because voters were too shallow to do their research. After four years, this isn't divisive sour grapes; we've come by it honestly. If voters allow themselves to be fooled again, where lieth shame? It'll be voters themselves who deserve the blame for wrecking our nation, not just the politicians.





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