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Romney not electable

February 27, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

As Romney is carpetbombing $4 million in negative ads against Santorum before Tuesday, here is a report from the bunker on how electable Mitt Romney really is.

Remember early last December before Newt was carpetbombed, Gingrich actually did better in polls against Obama than did Mitt Romney.

After $55 million had been spent for Romney mostly on negative ads, Mitt once again found himself being bested against Obama, this time by a man on only a shoestring budget, Senator Rick Santorum.

Now given the huge money advantage plus the backing of the GOP establishment in tandem with Romney supporters that feed negative stories to the media about his opponents, you'd think the Mittster would be a shoe-in, wouldn't you?

Strange how Mitt being the most electable is the narrative being driven. Strange indeed given that in his 1994 Senate campaign he lost by 17 percent running to the left of Ted Kennedy. But ah, they say, he was elected governor of Massachusettes in 2002. Fair enough. Let's look at this.

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Romney was actually the fourth in a string of Republican governors from 1990. Of that group, Romney received the lowest percentage of the vote, failing to break the 50-percent mark in his 2002 victory. Then after three years in office, Romney's approval rating was so low he was forced to abandon a reelection campaign. This is Mr. Electable.

One last thing. As far as him being a fiscal hawk, according to The Tax Foundation, in 2002 the combined state and local tax burden of Massachusettes was 9.8 percent but at the end of Romney's term it had risen to 10.3. To Romney's less monied opponents: you're welcome.





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