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Mourning a Florida we lost long ago

June 10, 2016 ORLANDO — Standing on my hotel balcony in the predawn hours, I gaze out over several dimly illuminated swimming pools abutting a small manmade lake and a golf course. more »»

Rule of Electoral Politics: You win by welcoming

June 10, 2016 Having worked, as a younger man, in three losing presidential campaigns and having been lucky enough to cover the past 10 presidential campaigns as a journalist, I have been forced to learn a few... more »»

Bringing back Bill to help (!) middle class

June 9, 2016 What’s past, as Shakespeare has told us, is prologue. 2016 has been a wild political season. more »»

The Evolution of Monogamy

June 9, 2016 The other day, I thought, for a brief moment, that I discovered a new species - the homo matrimonous. Its members are the long-time married couple. more »»

Moyamoya disease rare, progressive

June 9, 2016 A disease named Moyamoya has been on social media two times recently so I decided to research to learn more about it. more »»

History not obliged to make you feel good

June 8, 2016 Dear Snoop Dogg: You could have been honest about it. If you had, I’d still think you wrong as two left shoes, but at least I could give you points for guts. more »»

Waiting in vain for Trump’s presidential transformation

June 8, 2016 WASHINGTON — In the current presidential campaign that seems to have been converted into a television reality show, what would be more natural than to have a debate under the klieg lights between... more »»

Trump’s Whining Strategy

June 7, 2016 The day before the March presidential primary in Ohio, one of my journalism students at Kent State told me she was going to cover Donald Trump’s rally that evening in Youngstown. She was excited. more »»

Snoop Dogg is right — black success better story than slavery

June 7, 2016 My musical tastes do not include rap and hip-hop, but when Snoop Dogg comments on the “Roots” remake, saying he is tired of movies about slavery and would prefer a series “about the success that... more »»

More Reality TV Than Journalism

June 6, 2016 In these days of news cycles measured in minutes, if not seconds, the Katie Couric scandal may seem almost as stale as Katie Couric herself. But bear with me. more »»

Zoo gorilla shooting is unfortunate, not ‘tragedy’

June 6, 2016 A gorilla has taken control of your TV set. What an apt metaphor for the past year. more »»

State’s moose herd showing signs of stress

June 6, 2016 How many readers have seen a moose recently? These majestic animals, because of their size, are hard to miss if you stumble across one when hiking through the woods. more »»

Hard-To-Swallow Advice For Democrats

June 4, 2016 With the Democratic primaries grinding to a bitter end, I have suggestions for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters that neither will lik. more »»

Dogs that aren’t barking — and those that are

June 4, 2016 Let’s look back on the primary campaign — completed for Republicans, still ongoing for Democrats — and see if we can identify what Sherlock Holmes referred to as dogs that didn’t bark. more »»

Commencement message — pursue your passion

June 4, 2016 Commencement ceremonies are occurring in high schools, colleges, and universities across the country. For graduates it is a time of anxiety, relief, hope, and choices. more »»

The Little Brown Mare – A Bedtime Tale

June 4, 2016 ONCE UPON A TIME there was a miniature brown mare named Coco. She was about a year old she came to live with the other animals at Tanglewood Farm. more »»

Miners, managers and one-man drills

June 4, 2016 “Air. A very small word,” stated the Ideal Power magazine in April, 1910, “but one indicating both destructive and creative beyond comprehensio. more »»

Nondisclosure puts Trump’s character in question

June 3, 2016 It turns out that Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, knew exactly what he was talking about some 25 centuries ago when he wrote: “Character is destiny. more »»

Constitutionalists need new home

June 3, 2016 Perhaps it’s time to bring back the American Liberty League. more »»

10 things to know today: Friday, June 3, 2016

June 3, 2016 Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today: 1. ‘THIS ISN’T REALITY TELEVISION. more »»



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