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Student-athletes: moving recruits from good to great

February 6, 2016 If you were to ask recruiters what skills they need in each of their new good recruits the list would include: life-long learners, good communicators, able to work in diverse groups, and adaptable t... more »»

It takes a movement for real change

February 6, 2016 In 2008, when then-Sen. Barack Obama promised progressive change if elected president, his primary opponent, then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, derided him. more »»

Probing for clues in Iowa caucus numbers

February 6, 2016 Now that the results of last Monday’s Iowa caucuses are in, speculation naturally turns to next Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. more »»

Not politically incorrect, just incorrect

February 5, 2016 If you ask Donald Trump fans why they like him, there’s an excellent chance they’ll say, “Because he’s not politically correct. more »»

State government coup is what really poisoned Flint water

February 5, 2016 The mantra of every Koch-headed, right-wing politico is government should be run like a business, always focused on cutting costs. Welcome to Flint, Michigan. more »»

Political class has endless arrogance

February 4, 2016 After the Iowa caucus results, it looks like Hillary Clinton vs. Marco Rubio in November. They lead the betting at my website, This scares me. more »»

Mom Palin’s latest political opportunity

February 3, 2016 The police report paints a confusing and chaotic picture. Apparently, the young man and his girlfriend got into an argument over her ex-boyfriend. At some point, things became physical. more »»

Strange wind-up to Iowa campaign for Republicans

February 3, 2016 WASHINGTON — Iowa Republicans braved the cold Monday night to vote in the first presidential precinct caucuses of 2016, apparently none the worse for wear after Donald Trump boycotted the final... more »»

Trash talking working class, again

February 2, 2016 Bear with me, please, as I start this column with a brief story about my two grandmothers who lived in trailer homes. more »»

Trump’s minions parrot Trump in defending Trump

February 2, 2016 When the publisher of National Review Magazine, Jack Fowler, called and asked me to write 300 words on why I oppose Donald Trump for president of the United States, my first thought was about the... more »»

‘Conservative crackup’ has arrived

February 1, 2016 I’ve been hearing about the impending “conservative crackup” for nearly 25 years. The term was coined by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., the founder of the American Spectator. more »»

Cruz Inquisition faction rises to root out heretics

February 1, 2016 What is a political party? By the intensity of internecine conflict among Republicans, you might conclude that it’s a church. Sen. more »»

Volcanic core fuels 2016 election

January 29, 2016 Not a day passes that I don’t get a call from the media asking me to compare Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s tax plans, or bank plans, or health-care plans. I don’t mind. more »»

Good jobs for Americans is missing campaign issue

January 29, 2016 From someone whose title is senior political analyst, you might be expecting a forecast of who will win the Iowa caucuses next Monday night. more »»

Case for ethanol running on empty

January 28, 2016 Cars run on fuel. Politicians run on votes, and they’ll do almost anything to get them. That includes supporting mandates that force us to use ethanol, a fuel made from corn that Iowa farmers grow. more »»

Let’s take movement to White House

January 28, 2016 At a recent dinner with my work team, I was reminded I had said I wanted to travel less for work this year so I could focus on other projects. more »»

Flint poor left under cover of darkness

January 27, 2016 “Them that’s got shall get. Them that’s not shall lose” — Billie Holiday It was in April of 2014 that the water turned bad. Residents of Flint, Mich., reported the stuff smelled. more »»

GOP could be heading for Goldwater-style debacle

January 27, 2016 WASHINGTON — Just over a half-century ago, a sharp-tongued conservative seized the Republican Party and led it to one of its worst presidential election defeats in history: the landslide loss of... more »»

Trump’s myth of superiority

January 26, 2016 There are many reasons to recommend Elizabeth Strout’s new novel, “My Name Is Lucy Barton,” but this is not a book review, so I offer this single, searing paragraph: “I have said before: It interest... more »»

Iran deal still comes down to dollars for hostages

January 26, 2016 Every American should be glad that American hostages have been freed by the tyrannical Iranian regime and are being reunited with family, friends and co-workers. more »»



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