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Socialist ‘justice’ solution is more government

June 6, 2015 Protestors demand “social justice.” I hate their chant. If I oppose their cause, then I’m for social “injustice”? Nonsense. The protesters usually want to punish capitalis. more »»

Lots of thanks due from state title run

June 5, 2015 To all you supporters, it has been some time since we won the state title, and now that things have settled down I would like to take a moment to thank some very special people. more »»

This is not your father’s Republican Party

June 5, 2015 Let us stipulate that Republicans have consistently been a lot more orderly than the Democrats. more »»

Price for throwing police under bus

June 4, 2015 Baltimore is now paying the price for irresponsible words and actions, not only by young thugs in the streets, but also by its mayor and the state prosecutor, both of whom threw the police to the... more »»

The disintegration of us-vs.-them politics

June 3, 2015 For all the decades of its existence, American social conservatism has been rooted in a premise simple enough to be fully expressed in just three words: Us versus them. more »»

GOP field: Many choices of same flavor

June 3, 2015 WASHINGTON -- If the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey were running today’s Republican Party, they could easily resolve its dilemma of having a dozen or more declared or prospective presidential... more »»

Marching to see people come together

June 2, 2015 Last Sunday, 88-year-old Lois Mickey Nash sat in church as talk swirled around her about an upcoming march through the streets of Cleveland, and she made a decisio. more »»

Obama’s hot-air commencement address

June 2, 2015 I didn’t attend my commencement ceremony at American University in Washington, D.C. I chose instead to receive my degree in the mail. more »»

Holy warriors are on both left and right

June 1, 2015 Mike Huckabee doesn’t have a lot of prominent defenders, and I am not volunteering for the job. Huckabee has always struck me as a right-wing populist-progressive. more »»

Obama not offended enough by anti-Semitism

June 1, 2015 What to make of President Obama’s interpretation of the Iranian leadership? Challenged by The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg to account for the seeming inconsistency of relying on the rationality of a... more »»

Economic benefit of reinventing education helps all

May 30, 2015 Senator Bernie Sanders is making waves with a big idea to reinvent education: Making public colleges and universities tuition-free. I couldn’t agree more. more »»

Know your severe weather warnings

May 30, 2015 On April 16, citizens, businesses, schools and government agencies across the state conducted a voluntary statewide tornado drill during Michigan’s Severe Weather Awareness Week. more »»

Colleges and universities have grown bloated and dysfunctional

May 30, 2015 American colleges and universities, long thought to be the glory of the nation, are in more than a little trouble. more »»

Don't Go!

May 30, 2015 It's graduation time! Have we learned much? No. College has become a scam. more »»

Sidelining also-rans is bad for democracy

May 29, 2015 Because so many Republicans want to be president — or at least pretend they do — debate organizers have decided to eliminate the least popular from the stage based on how they rank in the latest... more »»

Chris Christie’s running Perk-y noncampaign

May 29, 2015 History, just by what it selects to remember, can indeed be cruel. Consider, for example, Republican Ralph Perk, who, during the 1970s in heavily Democratic Cleveland, was elected mayor three times. more »»

Books to the right of college campuses

May 28, 2015 This is the season of college graduations, and many people may be wondering what kinds of gifts would be most appropriate for young people leaving the world of academia and heading out to face the... more »»

Pot drives ex-soldier’s ‘suicide stuff’ away

May 27, 2015 Before he tried marijuana, he thought of trying suicide. Heavy drinking hadn’t helped. Nor had various pills prescribed by Veterans Affairs doctors. more »»

A new blame game emerges over Iraq

May 27, 2015 WASHINGTON -- Whenever America’s reputation as the world’s prime military power takes a hit, a partisan argument inevitably breaks out over who’s to blam. more »»

First quote Jesus; then punish the poor

May 26, 2015 Those who oppress the poor insult their Make. more »»



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