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State should set rules for older drivers

August 3, 2010 Michigan’s lawmakers have spent a great deal of time and effort in recent years to deal with young drivers. more »»

Library millage well worth it

August 2, 2010 Like every election day in our democratic republic, Tuesday’s election will be a big day — helping shape our local, state and national government for years to come. more »»

Illegal immigration at issue

July 30, 2010 Failure to deal realistically with illegal immigration is not a partisan matter. Under both Republican and Democrat presidents, too many illegal aliens have been given free passes. more »»

Federal budget needs fix

July 20, 2010 With three months to go in the federal fiscal year, the government’s spending deficit topped $1 trillion last week. Analysts predicted the shortfall would total $. more »»

Local businesses pass torch

July 16, 2010 Many people struggle with the decision to retire, but it can be even more difficult for a business owne. more »»

National debt mounting

July 15, 2010 The $8. more »»

Steele’s words more than embarrassing

July 14, 2010 Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has a talent for putting his foot squarely in his mout. more »»

FAA should follow through

July 6, 2010 Heaters used to warm windows in some Boeing airliners malfunction, sometimes catching fire and forcing pilots to make emergency landings. more »»

U.S. must wage war realistically

July 2, 2010 We agree with U.S. military leaders — and, we hope, those in the political arena — that the al-Qaida terrorist network and its Taliban handmaidens need to be destroyed. more »»

Relay for Life offers great walk

June 25, 2010 If you ever needed a good reason to get out and take a walk, the 2010 Relay for Life will surely do. Beginning this afternoon at 1 p.m. and continuing through 1 p.m. more »»

Oil spill continues at issue

June 24, 2010 As usual, government officials simply don’t want to admit the bureaucracy sometimes doesn’t do its jo. more »»

U.N. program should not honor thug

June 23, 2010 The United Nations has a long, rather disgraceful tradition of kowtowing to brutal dictators rather than working to protect their people from them. more »»

New CIA head needed

June 22, 2010 An effective system of institutionalized whistle blowing exists in most federal agencies, through inspectors general charged with rooting out waste and corruption. more »»

Goldman Sachs in question

June 21, 2010 Six big investment banks have cooperated fully with the federal Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s requests for information. But one, the Goldman Sachs Group Inc., has not, according to the FCIC. more »»

Public needs facts about oil spill

June 18, 2010 Oil continuing to leak from a damaged offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico probably will prove to be one of the biggest ecological disasters in U.S. history. more »»

Unpaid internships at issue

June 17, 2010 Down through the years, many Americans have gotten head starts on great careers through unpaid internships. Such work, often during the summer months, gives them real-world experienc. more »»

Amtrak needs investigation

June 8, 2010 Federal programs are notorious for not being able to stay within budget. Amtrak, the government-owned railroad, is an excellent exampl. more »»

China position on N. Korea reveals much

June 3, 2010 China has always been a security blanket for North Korea’s vicious leaders. more »»

Congress needs to study spill

May 27, 2010 President Barack Obama has pledged that the “cozy relationship” between oil companies and government regulators will end. That is not the first time such a promise has been made, of cours. more »»

Safety first this holiday weekend

May 25, 2010 Nice weather arrived prior to the traditional Memorial Day holiday weekend kick-off to the travel, recreation and vacation season, sending just about anybody who can get there outside to enjoy... more »»



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