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Homeland security still important

September 15, 2010 Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s weekend observation that the United States will never be immune to terrorist attacks provided fodder for a substantial amount of comment by news... more »»

Corruption not to be tolerated

September 10, 2010 The federal agency in charge of regulating offshore oil and gas drilling has a new name and a new ethics policy. Neither will do any good unless crooked employees are kept off the agency’s payroll. more »»

U.S. needs to watch China closely

September 9, 2010 U.S. policies toward China too often are guided by our government’s reluctance to annoy that country’s rulers over any issue. more »»

Illegal immigration at issue

September 8, 2010 One tried-and-true strategy to avoid facing up to a problem is to claim it doesn’t exist. Some opponents of better enforcement of immigration laws are already doing just that. more »»

Watch for school children

September 7, 2010 The weeks of summer seem to have flown by. Stores have fall merchandise on display, most summer vacations are just memories — and the kids are headed back to school. more »»

Soldiers still in danger in Iraq

September 5, 2010 Millions of Americans have watched and listened as President Barack Obama assured us the U.S. combat role in Iraq is over. “The war is ending,” he proclaimed a few days ago. more »»

High court needs new process

September 2, 2010 The surprise resignation of Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver and the simultaneous appointment of Alton Davis by Gov. more »»

Medicare fraud costs millions

September 1, 2010 President Barack Obama has pledged that more efficiency in the Medicare program will save taxpayers billions of dollars. Not if the agency’s history of stopping waste and fraud is any guid. more »»

Foreign aid needs to be studied

August 31, 2010 A few members of Congress are worried that billions of American taxpayers’ dollars are being wasted in corrupt, undemocratic countries throughout the world in the form of foreign aid. more »»

Drilling needs assessment

August 30, 2010 British Petroleum and some of its subsidiaries failed to take precautions adequate to prevent the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico this summe. more »»

Violence not an option for protests

August 26, 2010 An Associated Press story we published Monday concerned the hunt for Leo Burt, who was one of four domestic terrorists who set off a bomb at the University of Wisconsin in 1970. more »»

Dangerous events need care

August 25, 2010 One look at videotapes of an accident that killed eight people at an off-road racing event in California made clear the answer to the question usually asked in the wake of tragedies: What went... more »»

Thanks to our soldiers everywhere

August 24, 2010 As the last American combat troops pulled out of Iraq last week, an important chapter in history was closed. Certainly, U.S. more »»

Financial system needs reason

August 23, 2010 The nation’s home mortgage system crashed for a very simple reason: Some banks — with the encouragement of Congress — handed out big home loans without adequate security. more »»

Race should play no part in hiring

August 18, 2010 Many employers check the criminal and credit backgrounds of prospective new hires before putting them on the payroll. more »»

Consider changes carefully

August 17, 2010 We have never been among those who believe a strong national defense depends solely on throwing money at the military. more »»

Better oversight needed

August 16, 2010 Along with the thick, gooey oil that gushed out of the British Petroleum oil well in the Gulf of Mexico this year came sticky, dark, unpleasant reports about the federal government’s oversight of... more »»

Freddie Mac continues down turn

August 13, 2010 Many of the large financial institutions that received government bailouts have repaid the money. Most of them have returned to profitability. more »»

Obama faces serious challenges

August 12, 2010 It is common for presidents to suffer setbacks in Congress midway through their terms, as voters react against their policies by voting out lawmakers of the same political party. more »»

Lew bonus needs to be explained

August 11, 2010 Senators critical of Jacob Lew, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Management and Budget are asking the wrong questions about a bonus of nearly $1 million he received from his... more »»



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