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Stimulus argument a fallacy

November 5, 2010 By now, the nation’s unemployment rate was supposed to have been below 8 percent - and falling, President Barack Obama assured Americans last year. Instead, it is 9. more »»

TARP bailout still in effect progress

November 4, 2010 A cover-up of sorts is in progress regarding TARP, the astronomically expensive big-business bailout program liberal politicians would prefer voters didn’t think about. more »»

All over but the sign removal

November 3, 2010 By the time you read this, it all will be over. Votes will have been counted. Winners will be rejoicing. Losers will be wondering what, if anything, they should have done differently. more »»

Exit date may not be safest move

November 2, 2010 President Barack Obama’s propensity for placing political concerns ahead of military reality is being spotlighted again this week. Obama has pledged U.S. more »»

Oversight needed on war spending

November 1, 2010 Government is notorious for not worrying much about whether taxpayers’ money is spent wisely. Wars are tailor-made situations for that attitude to flourish. That is precisely what has happened with U. more »»

Benishek the right man

October 29, 2010 Michigan’s 1st Congressional District — the second largest district in land mass east of the Mississippi River — is unique in its conservative traditions and strong family values. more »»

Snyder best candidate for governor

October 28, 2010 Michigan voters will choose Nov. 2 between a nerd and the country’s self-proclaimed “meanest mayor.” We’re urging you consider the nerd. more »»

Understanding Proposal 1

October 27, 2010 Michigan voters, and voters in general, are in an incalculable mood. more »»

School bus safety gets a boost

October 26, 2010 Each day, more than 18,000 school buses transport students to and from school in Michiga. more »»

Political ads on TV reach new level of absurdity

October 25, 2010 With just more than a week to go before election day, there should be great joy that after Nov. more »»

Islamic terrorists still a threat

October 13, 2010 Islamic terrorists hate the United States not because of our culture, but as a result of our government’s foreign policy, we have been told over and over again by apologists for the extremists. more »»

Computers must remain in check

October 12, 2010 Complicated analysis and speed in reacting to it are keys to investing in stock markets. That always has been the case — but computers have sent trading into a whole new dimension. more »»

Constitutional convention won’t cure all

October 1, 2010 Last week we wrote about Constitution Day and the virtues of the U.S. Constitution, which has guided the nation for 222 years. more »»

Federal education funds at issue

September 30, 2010 It’s hard not to be thankful for the $318 million in federal school money promised to Michigan as part of the “edujobs” bill from Congress. more »»

SEC slow to act against Ponzi scheme

September 29, 2010 In 1997, Securities and Exchange Commission officials became aware of a Ponzi scheme operated by R. Allen Stanford, who now lives in the Virgin Islands. more »»

Inspector deserves fair shake

September 28, 2010 People who hold inspector general posts in government often deserve to be viewed as taxpayers’ unsung heroes. more »»

Medicare claims at issue

September 23, 2010 About $55 billion is paid out of the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs each year to cover improper — sometimes fraudulent — claims. Clearly, more needs to be done about that. more »»

Consider a gift to the United Way

September 22, 2010 In tough economic times, the needy become all the more needy; and those who try to help, find their resources stretched all the more, as well. more »»

Keep Tea Party off state’s ballot

September 17, 2010 The reason for keeping the so-called Tea Party off the Michigan ballot in November — a single word on ballot petitions — may seem a bit nitpicky. But the result is no tragedy. more »»

Stanley Cup shined with dedication

September 16, 2010 For one sunny day, Wednesday, the Copper Country — or at least part of it — was able to bask in the shine of the Stanley Cup. more »»



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